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About The Author Domonique

I am a freelance artist that turned into a children book illustrator full time!  I love children so it was natural for me to illustrate for children’s books.  I was born and raised in the slums of Detroit and moved to the city of Ann Arbor when I was 11 years old.  I went on to get my BFA from the University of Michigan in 2008, and landed my first children illustration gig in the winter of 09  and work close with the Author Sherry O’Neal of the children book “LJ and the Dreammaker that will be sold on

As I was finishing the illustrations for her in November of 09  I decided that I had a story to tell and I wanted to write a children book and I called it “Meet Pooky” but of course the name changed to “Meet Pooky The New Kid”.  I wrote and illustrated for the book.  This is my first children book that is being published right now and will not be the last.  I will be working on a series of books based on the Pooky character and I was even encouraged to take it a step further and turn it into a cartoon!  I just may do that.  But everything is in Gods hands and I know right now this is what God wanted me to do.  Thanks for visiting

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