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Gerber Baby

May 18, 2012

Gerber has had the same baby picture on the label for years.  I have seen a new Gerber Baby.  My baby.  The reason I say that is because first of all I am new to motherhood, and she is my first. 

I must say it is by far the hardest job I have ever encountered in my entire life, but it is something that has really changed my life and very rewarding.  I no longer live for myself, I live for her as well.  Everything revolves around her.  The why I talk, what I eat, how I react to situations, how I spend time with her, scheduling my day, etc.  My goals have changed now because of her, to do things that would make a better life for her.

But I say that she is the new Gerber baby because when we step out of the front door, she is introduced to the world.  She becomes the celebrity.  All eyes are glued to this precious bundle, especially with the green eyes that she has that sometimes turn blue.  She is one of the most unique babies that I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and it seems that way with everyone else as well.  Me being African American, Native American (Blackfoot/Choctaw), and just a small percentage of German, you can see all of that in her.  She is also half Puerto Rican.  Sometimes she is mistaken for a Mexican, but I’m not surprised of that because as soon as a person see me they start speaking Spanish. 

She becomes famous everywhere we go.  People immediately want to stretch out arms to hold her, and are addicted to those glassy green eyes God blessed her with.  I think I have heard “She’s a Gerber Baby” or “She’s a doll baby” endless times that I think I should give thought into entering her as the new Gerber Baby model.  This will add to her fame, so naturally as a mother I would want to protect her and limit the amount of fame that is prone to come her way. 

The original Gerber baby icon has such a uniqueness to it – I don’t know – it would be hard to fathom having a new baby representing Gerber.  But my baby will always be a Gerber Baby to me, even if I don’t enter her as the new Gerber Baby.  I will always hear it from Strangers how she is a Gerber Baby.  All babies are Gerber Babies. With her being my daughter, naturally I would say that she is one of the most beautiful babies that I have ever seen in my entire life.  All babies are beautiful, but every mother feels a specially need to believe that their baby is the most beautiful in the world. 

I believe the new Gerber baby will come soon to represent Gerber, whether it is mine or some other baby.  I think I might just give it a chance and enter her as the new Gerber baby!  She has the potential with her unique look.

Gerber here we come!

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