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Children Pay Attention, Pay Attention to Children

August 5, 2010

Image from a page of my new book “Meet Pooky The New Kid”

How can you get your child to pay close attention to you, there are many ways!  I know that the Nanny show is a big plus in this area, but sometimes those tacktics don’t always work!  I’m not a mother but I have had the chance to help raise my 2 younger sisters and it was a like a WAR ZONE.  My parents went to Quebec for about a week and when they got home I was in distraught, lol!  But my sisters didn’t want to pay attention to me because they could distinctly tell the difference between a mother and a sister, and I was their sister. 

But the more I learned to discipline them the more and more they wanted to call me mom!  There were slip-ups out in public and after calling me “mom“, people thought I was a young teenage mother.  Embarrasing, for a teenager!  But I learned different tacktics on my own and not through other people.  I learned to pay attention to children and what was important to them as well as getting them to pay attention to me and know that I mean business! 

Some parents, as far as discipline goes, are opposed to taking out a belt and whipping a child that gives them lip.  But I say pull out that belt or that switch branch from the bush that is nicely kept and trimmed in the front yard,  and give them a nice lickin’.  I always go by the word of God when it comes to disciplining the child, “Spare the rod, you spoil the child”!  I give my mom much respect even while I am now in my 2o’s, it has been over 20’s years since I can remember having to go outside and chose my own switch from the bush in the yard.  But I know that works, because it worked on me and some other children I knew in the neighborhood.  Now-a-days people are afraid to discipline their children in that way, and so in return children end up not listening to their parents and hitting them and the parents the same.  I’m not saying that is the only way to discipline them, there are other ways like; time-outs and no candy today, but it is necessary from time to time. 

I once saw a child bad mouth their mom out in public and give a bad tantrum, and all the mother did was look embarrased and say stop.  I would be embarrased as well, but from looking at that situation it seemed like the mother wasn’t paying any attention to their child when the child needed attention.  The child also needed discipline, and love!  If you love your child you would discipline them and get them to understand why you are disciplining them.  You need to sit and talk to your child, let them express themselves to you.  And when they have your attention, then they will be open to pay attention to you!

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